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     Admin: [email protected]
Apartment Sublet Offer: 1629 ridge avenue
  • Coffee barCoffee bar
  • Living roomLiving room
  • Bedroom with queen size bedBedroom with queen size bed
  • bedroom with single bedbedroom with single bed
  • Kitchen (I swear looks better in real life, schedule a viewing!)Kitchen (I swear looks better in real life, schedule a viewing!)
  • Lease Type: Sublet
  • House Type: Apartment
  • Monthly Rate: $1150
  • Location: South
  • Address: 1629 ridge avenue
  • Date Available from: 2018-07-01
  • Date Available till: 2018-09-30
  • Size: 0 sq ft.
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Roommates: 0
  • Utilites Included: Water, Electricity, Internet, TV, gas
  • Shared/Private Bathroom: Private
  • Parking: Yes
  • Pets: Yes
JULY-SEPTEMBER/JULY-AUGUST SUBLET Cat Friendly Dog Friendly 2 Bedrooms available for Sublet (July-September/July-August) - First Bedroom has queen mattress, ceiling fan, little storage and wardrobe. - Second Bedroom has single mattress, study desk, bookshelf, ceiling fan and little storage - Bathroom with bath tub, sink, toilet, hot water, well ventilated. - Coffee bar with good espresso machine, coffee grinder and 2 bar stools - Living room with sofa, bean bag and xbox one (with FIFA and GTA in it) -Kitchen with complete appliances Oven toaster, Stove, Oven Stove, Air Fryer, Microwave, Blender, Mixer) You can have all my seasonings as well. - Very good location (near davis station, bus stop in front of building, Northwestern shuttle bus, 5 mins from Target, 8 Minutes to Northwestern Area, 10 minutes to the lake) -Pet friendly! -Laundry in the building -Ceiling fans in bedrooms and living room extra fee: application fee:79
  • Distance To Tech: 1.2 miles
  • Distance To Norris: 1.1 miles
  • Contact Info
    • Name: pradani Ratriani
    • Phone: 2249995499
    • Drop-by Hours: 2 PM- 5PM
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