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Moving Out of State-Sublet and Furniture for Sale: $2000
  • Ikea chaise couch Ikea chaise couch
  • massage chair massage chair
  • keyboard with bench and case keyboard with bench and case
  • 2 dining chairs and folding chair 2 dining chairs and folding chair
  • storage ottoman storage ottoman
  • bed bed
  • computer chair computer chair
  • Category: Living Room
  • Subcategory: Sofas and Armchairs
  • Price: $2000
  • Condition: Good
Ikea chaise couch (with 2 hot pink throw pillows) and hot pink storage ottoman- $500; Mattress and frame (and pillows, sheets and cover if you want) - $200; Keyboard - $400; [TV SOLD]; 3 piece Black storage ottoman (2 cubes inside) - $60; Color splash rug - $40; 2 black bar stools (can adjust height) - $75; MASSAGE CHAIR - $400; black mesh computer chair, pink folding chair, wire storage shelf - $25; 2 black dining table chairs - $50; Lamp, warm mist humidifier, nightstand - $65; Not pictured: toaster oven, rice cooker - $50; Ask me about dining and cookware - $ I have about 6 months left in my lease: in-unit laundry/dryer, dishwasher, DOG-FRIENDLY, doorman, icemaker in freezer, coffee every morning in lobby, package receipt, balcony/patio, clubhouse, office center with computers and printer, outdoor patio with grills and fireplace. Walking distance to Intercampus shuttle stop. Serious inquiries only please.
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