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Rental: $3300 / month

Type: Apartment
Address: 912 Hamlin St #3, Evanston, IL 60201
Description: Huge 4 bedroom available September 1 right off-campus! Unit has dishwasher, washer/dryer in building, hardwood floors, dishwasher, granite counters, stainless appliances, etc! Huge outdoor space! H...

Rental: $9500 / month

Type: House
Address: 912 Hamlin St
Description: Enormous 13 Bedroom 4 bathroom single family home available September 1 Right Off-Campus! There are four separate units here available - garden unit, 1st floor, 2nd & 3rd floor, all available Sep...

Rental: $1995 / month

Type: Apartment
Address: 1249 Judson
Description: Vintage building in Evanston!!! Walking distance to Purple line, Northwestern University and the Lake Updated kitchen Updated bathroom Dishwasher Bike storage Laundry on site Internet amenity! Availab...

Rental/Sublet: $1140 / month

Type: Apartment
Address: 1309 Maple Avenue
Description: Studio apartment available for sublet in Evanston! Move in date negotiable, move any time in September and rent will be prorated! Willing to discuss leaving majority of furniture including air cond...